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Capital Community Radio 101.7FM: About us

Capital Community Radio 101.7FM is located at Wireless Hill Park, Ardross - a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. For a radio station, its location has a historical significance. It was the site of the first communications radio in 1912 linking Perth with the rest of Australia and the world.

The concept of creating a radio station dedicated to serving the seniors of Perth emerged in the year 2000. A group of volunteers experienced in community radio had become aware that there was no other radio station in Perth addressing the special interests of this large group of discerning listeners.

So Capital Community Radio, Inc was registered and in October 2000 was granted a temporary Community Broadcast Licence.

In September 2002, the City of Melville agreed to lease to Capital Community Radio its current premise on Wireless Hill, and in May 2003 we were granted the 90.5FM frequency, and started to broadcast to what were a listener base waiting to hear the music that they enjoyed.

Nearly five years later, in January 2008, after proving ourselves, and with wonderful support from what had become a significant number of dedicated listeners, we were granted a permanent Broadcast Licence on the frequency of 90.5FM, still, however, serving only the Perth inner metropolitan area. At that time we also commenced our “live streaming service” which enabled us to be heard on the Internet around the world; and apparently, on space stations!

In November 2009 we were successful in our application to move to the vacant 101.7FM frequency, and we commenced broadcasting on that frequency from 1st September 2010. This allowed us to reach the much wider listening base of the full Perth metropolitan area, and gave us the right to simulcast our FM programmes on the New Perth Digital (DAB+) Band as from 4th May 2011.

We have been granted a further term of 5 years from 2020 on our FM and Digital Broadcast Licence, during which time we will strive to continue to provide you with the music and information that you seek.

Around 158,000 listeners tune in to Capital Radio each month (source: McNair Yellow Squares National Listeners Survey January 2019), with increasing numbers listening on digital devices

Our Constitution (pdf 289kB).

Our policies

Capital Community Radio Intranet (Volunteers only)

Our willing band of volunteers are led by a Management Committee team of:

Greg Salt, Interim Chairman

Deputy Chairman: vacant

Allan Voak, Secretary

Jack Smith, Treasurer

Mick Gooch

Steele Stacey

Lol Winchcomb

• Ros Pascoe

Member: Vacant

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting is coming soon, and the following nominations have been received.


Clicking on the link for each nominee will take you to their nomination statement.
• Greg Salt     Greg Salt nomination for Chair
• Rob Dicker-Lee   Rob Dicker-Lee nomination for Chair

Ordinary members:

As there were only two nominations for the two vacant positions, the following have been elected to the Management Committee for 2023-2024:
• George Lewis-hall
• Lol Winchcombe

How you can get involved