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Our People

All of the presenters at Capital Community Radio are volunteers and they operate in 2 and 3 hour shifts - from early morning to late at night.

Ably assisted by a dedicated team of volunteer producers, all of us here at Capital Radio are committed to bringing you the best of music and information throughout the extended Perth area, and indeed throughout the world!


Capital Breakfast - from 6am to 9am

Ian Hasleby

Neville Limpus

Bruce McCartney

Mick Gooch

Ian Hasleby

Swinging Down the Lane - from 9am to 12 noon

Lol Winchcomb Lol Winchcomb

Bill Willesee  

Jeanette Hembrough Jeannette Hembrough

John Fuhrmann

Tess Earnshaw

Afternoon Gold - from 12 noon to 3pm

Alan Giles Alan Giles

George Lewis-Hall

Chris Wayne

Roger Veary Roger Veary

Steele Stacey

Cruisin - from 3pm to 6pm

Robert Pride

Kelly Green Kelly Green

Russell Coghlan

Keith Bollen

Noel Bonney Noel Bonney

Evening Listening – from 6pm to 8pm

Mondays - The Listening Post

Anthony Howes

Tuesday - Capital Cocktails

Pierrette Kelly

Wednesday - Capital Country

Colleen Hunter

Thursday & Friday - Easy Listening

Brigid Bignell

Mark Edwards

Night-Time - from 8pm to 11pm

Monday - After Hours

Ted Zappara

Tuesday - Capital Classics

Lachlan Mackinnon         

Wednesday - Golden Years of Radio

Allan Watson 

Thursday - Capital Classics

Paul Redman Paul Redman

Friday - Friday Night Party

John Darroch


Saturday - 7am to 10am

Saturday Sporting Breakfast

Geoff Smith

Saturday 10am to 12 noon

Capital Events

Anthony Howes

Saturday 12 noon to 3pm

Saturday Afternoon Swing Shift

Allan Watson 

Saturday 3pm to 6pm

Golden Days of Radio

Richard Newton Richard Newton

Saturday 6pm to 8pm

Easy Saturday

Colleen Hunter

Saturday 8pm to 10pm

Easy Listening

Keith Bollen

Sunday 7am to 9am

Sunday Breakfast

Trish Edwards Trish Edwards

Sunday 9am to 12 noon

Sunday Brunch

Rod Culley

Sunday 12 noon to 3pm

Easy Sunday Afternoon

Peter Solomon Peter Solomon

Sunday 3pm to 6pm

Eclectic Sunday

Harvey Pearce

Sunday 6pm to 8pm

Golden Years of Radio

 Wilma Coghlan

Sunday 8pm to 10pm

Golden Years of Radio

Caroline Rao Caroline Rao


Ann Hollis                Anne Fuhrmann

Linton Sharp           Debbie White

Eleanor Byrne         Greg Salt

Lorne Nichols          Maggie Mann

Michael Duncan      Robert Davis

Sherry Hildred        Brigid Bignell

Colleen Hunter       Mark Edwards

Jack Smith            Shelley Reindl

Richard Eddy        Wilma Coghlan Wilma Coghlan

Heather Watts       Judi Halliday

Michele Muir         Helen Redman

Hugh Littlepage    Sharon Squires-Hansen

Stan Vicich           Robin Darroch

Ron Hetherington Adrian Good

Iver Paez               Matilda Wasley

Bruce Mercer         Rob Dicker-Lee

Anne Fisher Anne Fisher            Boudene van der Merwe Boudene van der Merwe

Leonie Tucker Leonie Tucker

Robert Walker
Ros Pascoe
Pat Cocksey
George Neilson
Ross Cussons