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Testimonial Archives 2019 - 2020

22 December 2020

I'd love to give your Thursday presenter Mick a huge well done. Has he presented on radio before joining you? He has a wonderful voice that is so easy to listen to. He seems very knowledgeable about all sorts of music trivia. I often learn new things about artists and songs each week. My favourite is his quote of the day. I also want to make special mention of the Australian content in his show. It is wonderful to listen to the great talent our country has produced!

Jo Paull and family, WA

6 December 2020

I am a very avid radio listener however I am a relatively new listener to your station. I must say the Sunday nite 8pm to 10pm slot has one of the best presentation and the songs/music played are indeed fabulous. So ever since I stumbled on this ..... I have always been looking forward to that time slot and to drink in the 2 hours of great entertainment. A very big thank you to the presenter of this slot.

Simon, WA

7 November 2020

I lived in Hong Kong for many years and was glad when about 8 years ago I found your station on my new DAB radio. As I am now working from home I love the daytime (well nighttime progs for you!) Programmes. Thanks for keeping me sane and playing great music.

West Sussex, England

14 October 2020

My partner and I found the Sunday 8pm show a few months ago and now we look forward to putting the lights out and the candles on at 8pm. We love to relax listening to the songs we heard our parents play when we weren't 52! It's become the most beautiful end to our weekend.


4 October 2020

Wonderful choice of music today. Much appreciated.

Alice Warwick

4 October 2020

I am a night courier,the highlight of my week is listening to Capital Country. The selection of music is just out of this world.

Roberto Accurso

28 September 2020

I love listening to Ian [Hasleby]’s program. He has such a great sense of humour. Love the various snippets such as stingers in his bathers!! Keep it up Ian and we love your music choice.

Gavin & Joan
Bull Creek

20 September 2020

We love Peter Solomon’s programme so much each Sunday - thank you to all who participate in putting the programme of wonderful music together for us each Sunday - it is a highlight of our week.

Rosey Kyron

13 August 2020

...I connect with and enjoy Capital Country (Wed 6 pm to 8). Country music seems to gather up the threads of our erratic lives and give it expression, so keep strong dear Colleen Hunter, you are a gem...

Murray Cox

22 July 2020

Capital Radio plays some of the very best music around. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. You are a fantastic organisation!! Best station in the world!

Ed Kopsen

21 July 2020

I'm so happy to have discovered Capital Community Radio. You have made driving to and from work lovely and Saturday and Sunday listening relaxing and fun. I hope everyone is doing well during these different health times.

Kim Gan

13 July 2020

Congratulations on that brilliant interview with Troy Simmonds.

Andi Kocik

10 July 2020

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. The minute I turned on the radio and heard French songs, I hoped there would be something from Charles Trenet. I adore his songs.

Kate Nicholls

10 July 2020

Have to tell you - an astounding line up this morning, one fascinating tune into the next! Superbe! French theme a delight. It's a musical education - beats Classic FM hands down in my book at least!!


11 June 2020

i would just like to say after listening to a lot of overseas radio channels, 101.7 has the best music with very friendly dj's. I'm in the philippines now retired but came from mosman park where i lived.

Angeles City

1 June 2020

Wow. What a program. Thanks for some brilliant songs. Listening online from Hungary - missing WA but at least I can still reach you.

Kind regards
Judith Kiss

26 May 2020

Lovely music Konrad, I've been tuned in all day, listening, great company, thnx.


22 May 2020

I just wanted to say thankyou for your wonderful music. I am stuck in my car whilst my 2 babies are sleeping and I am loving the music you are playing today. I am a long time listener. The music always reminds me of my grandmother who passed away a few years ago. Keep up the good work.


6 May 2020

A big thank you to all the announcers who have come back to work. It is great to hear all your voice's again. You all do a marvelous job every announcer gives out their great charm. Our best wishes to you all.

Margaret and Loxley.

29 April 2020

Hi, I wish to express just how much I enjoyed your Anzac Day program on the radio. The letters from soldiers, nurses, etc. the songs and music, brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. Your program was very heartwarming and I wish I could have recorded it. Is it possible to buy a copy of that Anzac program? I am a Senior and my memories go back a long way, to an era of so many unforgettable instances, which made your program so perfect for me to listen to and enjoy.

Thank you again, especially for all the effort you put into the recording on this very Special Anzac Day.


19 April 2020

Thank you for all the beautiful and continuous music. It has so many times made me waltz or jive around the house during this enforced isolation. Never think your programs are not appreciated -and for those us who live alone Capital is always with us.

Margaret, Nollamara.

18 April 2020

Just a note to say that I’ve always enjoyed your music, but at the moment with the continuous music, it’s just terrific. Thank you all so much.

Take care and stay safe.
Christine, Willetton.

15 April 2020

a big shout out to your radio station and volunteers, I listen in whenever I'm driving and I really love the songs that are played, you all do an amazing job! As a young listener - sub 40 years you have a wonderful array of music that reminds me of childhood songs I listened to

All the best!!

12 April 2020

Hey Y'all....I am enjoying the programme very much....we are in a scary time now....but am grateful to Y'all for live streaming all over the world Hey....I will always listen to Capital... it's an integral part of my life....I find comfort in the music....I was born January days of WWII...but I heard stories from my Mother of how it was very comforting during the war to tune in the radio to listen to encouraging music....I'm not saying these times are as dire although we as a world are fighting an invisible enemy... the music live streaming from Capital Community radio is important to all listeners...a BIG thank you to all who are making this happen....

Thank you for your safe over there....
...a faithful listener....

Sylvia Ford
Grove, Oklahoma USA

2 April 2020

[In response to a message apologising that our Presenters were no longer able to conduct live broadcasts because of the station management's concern for their health regarding Covid-19]

No worries. I am enjoying the continuous music. Love your station but love it even more now.


27 March 2020

I am writing from Melbourne to express my appreciation to 101.7 for continuing to provide music in the absence of your volunteer announcers and producers. We miss the excellent announcers, but the ongoing music is a welcome substitute.

I understand the reasoning behind not having your announcers on the job. I am a volunteer at the MCG's Australian Sports Museum and we also have been told not to go to work (the Museum is in fact closed) until it is safe to resume normality.

With thanks Lionel, VICTORIA

26 March 2020

Thank you for continuing to play your fantastic music while the Coronavirus is on, we are stuck at home in self isolation but it's great listening to this wonderful music, we wake up with you and the radio is on all day long, we love it - many thanks

Doreen, WA

14 February 2020

Thank you for your great music.
Particularly Paul Redman's classics on Thursday evenings.
I phoned the other day and asked for some good old Gilbert & Sullivan.
Paul said that he'd play some next week, the 20th, I believe.
My grandfather was one of the original Doily Cart opera singers.

Cheers & kind regards, David, WA

10 February 2020

I was very privileged (& absolutely delighted) to be awarded tickets for the Andre Rieu concert on Saturday last.
The Event Innaloo theatre was decadently comfortable & the concert was beyond outstanding.
The music evoked a gamut of emotions & there were many times when there were tears of joy at the breathtaking music, awe-inspiring talent & awesome & sublimely beautiful entertainment.
I was in heaven for every second of the 3 hours & on a high for many hours after.
Thank you so much.
Kind Regards,
Rob, WA

31 January 2020

Absolutely loving the music this afternoon. A great selection to listen to while and relaxing with a coffee.

Dianne, WA

13 January 2020

Hello, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this station.

I particularly love Peter Solomon's session on a Sunday afternoon and wait for it eagerly each weekend.  It has such a wonderful selection of music which is so enjoyable and relaxing.  

When I am away from WA, I try to get the session from my locations interstate and overseas.

Thank you to all your presenters.

The station is excellent.

Kind regards
Rosey - Cottesloe,WA

1 January 2020

Happy new year from Chile. Thanks for the music you play and your loving voices. Blessings!!!

Ver A San Martin, Chile

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