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Here are recent testimonials sent in to Capital Community Radio. For earlier testimonials, please see the Archives at the bottom of this page.

19 April 2022

I start at 7.30 am and don't turn it off till approx. 3am. I find the station brings back happy memories of the "good old days of my happy growing up life". I live on my own and my soul partner, a Tenterfield Terrier is my constant companion. I live in a large house and do the complete running of my house unaided which is my choice. I am a young 89 yr. old and find your station keeps me still feeling younger . I have white hair to my delight and not grey. I thought a piece of useless information lets you see how the other half lives the other side of the radio. I am a member of the station. Happy seasons greetings to all and stay healthy.

David Smith

18 April 2022

I would just like to thank you for the best ever selection of songs I have ever heard. I live in the Philippines originaly from Mosman Park. Keep up the great work.

Ian Briggs. (Philippines)

17 February 2022

I heard some great music this morning...Fantastic programmes throughout the day every day. Thank you.

Regards Anna

17 February 2022

My son and family live in Kent UK and rang me when he eventually received my West Australian calendar which I always send to remind him of home. He said the twelve pictures of sunshine were the only sun they had seen in three months!?!? Enjoying your show thank you.

Sylvia (Mt Lawley)

31 December 2021

I am currently listening to yet another fantastic programme. Capital Radio never disappoints and I've called many times to praise the Presenters and Producers. You all do a tremendous job and you get me bopping...well shuffling out of bed 😆 for work; you keep me company. I love listening to every single Presenter and it wouldn't be the same without Charmaine from Bayswater, Irene of Shenton Park and Tony of Harrisdale. 😁
I'm alone completely and just wanted to especially send out a hug to the other single or isolated folks.

With love and best wishes for a much improved 2022.

Phoebe (Stratton) xxx

27 December 2021

Just listening to your music - great music selection and good presenter.


15 December 2021

Thank you for your wonderful station - I couldn’t live without it especially in the gym!!


12 September 2021

Terry Spence is just the best on Sunday Breakfast. Light classical music with style and substance, presented with a light touch. You have made a real contribution to my life, and I am sure to the lives of thousands of other listeners. All from our little radio station, staffed by volunteers and supported by donations. Capital Community Radio really is a virtuous circle - generous people sharing their talent, and building a stronger community.

Thank you to Terry and Ann for getting out of bed on a cold morning.

Murray Cox, Perth, WA.

28 June 2021

Love your program [Ian Hasleby] and humour!! Loved the zero to 80 quip! Keep up the good show!!

Gavin & Joan, Bull Creek

17 May 2021

Hi Ian Hasleby and Michelle, Just gave my 100 bucks [to Radiothon]. Love your show Ian and all those crap jokes. I am an Irish guy listening to you from Amsterdam the Netherlands on the Internet. I will stay tuned in now till your programme finishes before I head off to bed at 3am. Ha ha don't take it personally - your show is sending this listener off to sleep. But thanks to your show I will head off to bed to dream that COVID restrictions are lifted and I'm back jogging around Scarborough again with earphones in my ear listening to Capital Community Radio...Keep up the great work.

Garrett McQuaid, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

16 May 2021

What a superb choice of music this morning. I'll make sure I tune in every Sunday if it's the same presenter [Rod Culley].

Alice Warwick.

6 May 2021

I’ve discovered your radio station while being on the village bus with my elderly clients in Perth one month ago. Since then I start switching to your radio and my elderly clients really love it.

Sharon Seebaluck, Western Australia.

27 April 2021

Great stuff - discovered you when painting the house in lock down. Keep up the brilliant musical selections.

Brad, Western Australia.

26 April 2021

What a wonderful program today, Monday, 26 April. During Lockdown you have made my day a pleasant journey through Down Memory Lane from 6am on. Thank you Capital Radio. God bless you all.

Cecilia Brukwinski, Western Australia.

11 April 2021

I just love your programme and have told all my elderly friends about it. I particularly love the songs and music from the 1940's and 50's. My mother would switch the wireless on every morning at 6-30 am and it didn't go off until 10-00pm.

June, Western Australia.

9 March 2021

We listen most evenings, we turn off the tv and listen to Conrad.

Keith May, Kent, UK

9 March 2021

Hi, Great radio! Just arrived in Perth, am on a hotel quarantine and got a lot of time to check out radio stations in the city. Yours is one of few that has the most positive Type of music. Good old times when truth, honour, meant something. And love had a proper meaning. Keep on Rolling.

Michal (42 years old), WA

4 March 2021

Fantastic songs right now. Makes me so happy.

Weni Trihaju, WA

1 February 2021

Music is great and makes the day go faster with old music of when I was a kid growing up. Even [though] we are in lockdown [we] keep playing the music of yesteryear. I listen from 7am till 1130pm.

Frank Stevens, WA

27 January 2021

I found your station while visiting my son and his family during November to early February 2019. I'm so delighted to find I can tune in still now I'm back in Ireland! Thank you for lovely music and treasured memories. Stay safe everyone.

Phyl Miley
Wicklow, Ireland

2 January 2021

A Happy New Year to all of you and your listeners. Stay healthy!! Gisela and I listen to the Cruising programme during our breakfast daily.

Michael Seckelmann
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany


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